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Let me introduce myself: I am Mariah Dolenc. Born and raised in sunny California, it was always my dream to travel, especially to Europe. Amazingly, I marry a man from Europe! Luka and I were married in 2011 and the next day I left for my honeymoon and simultaneously moved to Slovenia on the other side of the world. Luckily for me, I married a man who introduced me to a healthy lifestyle. I lost over 15 pounds, 5% body fat, years of headaches and stomachaches went away, and I had clear skin for the first time since I was a kid. More than my health changed as I also started pursuing a healthy mind too. Now we have a little daughter, Olivia, and we travel all over Europe and back to California as often as possible. Enjoy your time on here! I hope we become good friends.




NEW BABY coming in March 2017! We are very excited for our new family member.

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Travel Plans:  Croatia, Serbia and California from now to the end of 2016

I completed my 90 day challenge and had INCREDIBLE results with Herbalife Nutrition. See my results here!

My fitness photoshoot was fun. Check out the photos here!


Hearty Healthy Beef Stew

Perfect for cold weather and staying in, this stew is full of nutrients. It was the first stew I made using all fresh ingredients from the market in the city center. 1-2.5 lbs (500g-1kg) of beef 1-2 beef bones 1-2 lbs carrots 1-2 lbs potatoes 1 bunch of celery 5-6 tomatoes 2-3 red onions 4-5 […]

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Bean And Amaranth Chili

Amaranth is a funny tiny grain. It’s great to add into your diet for variety. I used it to add carbs into my chili. The chili came about when I just threw together what I could find in the cupboards. The best way to start is the night before you plan to have this meal. […]

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Low Fat Egg Salad

When I was growing up egg salad was always made with mayonnaise. Yuck! As a kid, I didn’t care much, but now I never use mayo. I don’t think I ever bout it in my adult life. So how do you get yummy, creamy egg salad without it? Here’s how I make it: Eggs Mustard […]

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Veggie Tacos and Homemade Spelt Tortillas

Every weekend we do our grocery run so by the end of the week we’re running low on ingredients. This was one of those recipes that I threw together with whatever I had laying around. I need to disclose something: when I cook, I really don’t measure anything. I only use measuring units when I […]

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Apples and Peanut Butter

When you have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied this is the perfect snack to reach for. It’s easy, simple, and delicious. The one thing you need to watch out for is the peanut butter. It’s mostly fat and can be high in calories. 2 large spoonfuls is about 200 calories. It can […]

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Quinoa Bowl

I have a method to making easy and yummy meals: carb base, protein, and something for flavor. I will make a large batch of brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, or something like that and then refrigerate it and use it throughout the week. It makes your meals SO much faster than making everything from scratch. Ingredients: […]

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