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Celebrate The Small Things

Lessons in Parenthood: Week 16 “Olivia, did you pick up those clothes you left on the ground?” *silence* “Olivia?” I looked over to find her sitting in front of the dog’s crate carefully working on reattaching the door, which she had initially removed. Normally I would have gone over and told her to leave it […]

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How To Discipline Without Punishing

Lessons in Parenthood: Week 15 I don’t believe in punishing children. I don’t believe in making them feel bad about themselves or what they’ve done. I believe in construction. I believe that punishment only serves as a way for me to vent my anger and frustration while I tamper with my child’s ability to use […]

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Recovering From Birth Can Feel Traumatic

Lessons in Parenthood: Week 14 I feel adequately recovered from birth to be able to talk about this. Not so much physically recovered as emotionally. There’s really no absolute way to know how your birth and postpartum journey will be. Every woman and every birth is different. My first and second births were dramatically different. […]

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My Child Owes Me Nothing

Lessons in Parenthood: Week 13 My husband, Luka, gets credit for this week’s topic of conversation. We are nearly adjusted to having a new baby and we’ve started to have some normal conversations again. One night last week, while having dinner, Olivia left the table, and quietly laid down next to Leia and gently cuddled […]

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