3 Tips For Burning Fat

I had an amazing physical result in less than 90 days and here are a few tips that I used to help me shred that fat.

1. Work the big muscles

Most people believe that in order to burn fat they need to do lots and lots of cardio. While cardio does burn fat it is not nearly as effective as weightlifting. Weightlifting not only burns more calories, but continues to burn fat after your workout. If you want to efficiently lose the love handles and flatten out those abs then work your large muscles, like legs and butt. Squats and deadlifts can be much more effective in fat loss than running a 5K. They are such large muscles that they burn a lot of calories when exercised properly.

2. Pile it on!

Sometimes I feel like the phrase “everything in moderation” is used more as an excuse for people to justify unhealthy things in their life than it is for people to live a balanced life. Don’t do it! You want to have ice cream today? Don’t! Put away that pumpkin spice latte! Even in moderation, those things will contribute to fluffy tummies and jiggly thighs. Moderation means that you have 4 servings or fewer of sweets (ice cream, candy, chocolate, fro yo) per month, meanwhile, every other day of the month you are filling up on veggies, lean protein, and complex carbs. Or you open a bottle of wine with your spouse and you each drink one glass and let the rest of the bottle go. Or you go out to a restaurant to eat only on a special occasion. The idea of moderation is that you can have things that are not healthy (and not feel badly about it) because on a regular, daily basis you are giving your body the best it can get. Let your focus be on filling your diet with the BEST things for you. Lots and lots and lots of veggies! Lots of water! Vitamins! Whole grains! Freshly picked fruit! Lean protein! Fill up your plate with those things. Everything in moderation can sometimes mean nothing consistently.

3. Stay consistent

If I boil down my physical success to one sentence this is it: I was simply consistent. I had a plan and I followed that. I had a weekly exercise regimen and a daily meal plan. My weekly exercise plan was 4 workouts and 3 rest days. My daily meals included Herbalife shakes, vitamins, herbal beverages, and protein bars in addition to meals that included fish, veggies, and brown rice or buckwheat. The biggest contributor to my success was that when I woke up in the morning I knew what I would eat for the whole day. Have a daily plan and turn that into a weekly plan and do that over and over. After 90 days or 3 months evaluate your progress and adjust if needed. Don’t try a new routine every other week. New is fun and exciting, but when it wears off you need to just keep going. It’s in our makeup to get bored and quit so tell yourself, “I’m in it for the long haul” and go for it!



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