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Forgiving A Toddler

Lessons in Parenthood: Week 3 After spending a full day of overhauling parts of our apartment, I was tired. Being 7 months pregnant only amplifies that exhaustion. The additional problem with the cleaning and organizing is that Olivia finds it extremely fun to play with everything I’ve just organized so she tears things apart just […]

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Make Them Laugh

Lessons in Parenthood: Week 2 Well, I made it to the second week of this writing challenge, jet lag and all. When your mind is struggling between two time zones on opposite ends of the earth it’s a miracle if you get anything done. I haven’t been the only one struggling either. Olivia is awake at […]

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Exchanging One Challenge For Another

Concluding my daily writing challenge In November, as many of you know, I set myself a goal to write a blog post every day until Christmas. I’ve had a few bumps and it wasn’t easy, but I wasn’t expecting it to be easy. The goal was really a way to challenge myself. Some days it […]

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My Second Pregnancy

I have a friend with two children, a daughter and a son. When I visited her after her son was born I asked her, “How were the two pregnancies? Was it very different?” and she replied, “They were exactly the same. Exactly!” Since the inception of this blog I’ve talked to A LOT of women before, during, […]

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Sometimes You Just Need To Listen… And That’s All

Have you ever heard that saying about how you have two ears and one mouth so you should listen twice as much as you talk? Yeah, cheesy. You hear everyone use this from pastors to motivational speakers. I always felt it was a bit gimmicky. Sure, there’s truth to it, but still, when someone says […]

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Learning To Take A Moment

We live in a fast paced world. That’s just the way it is now in our modern society. It may vary from culture to culture, but for the most part we live very busy lives. We rush through our year and then are in shock when the Christmas whirlwind hits. It seems like every year […]

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Suffering From Jet Lag

Jet lag is a strange thing. Even when you travel regularly it can be hard to predict just exactly how it will affect you. It seems to be different every time. Sometimes it’s not that bad at all and other times it’s as if you’re sick. Last night, I was supposed to finish a post and […]

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