My Top 10 Favorite Herbalife Products

August marks that I have officially hit my 4 year anniversary of using Herbalife products. Woot woot! To celebrate this occasion I have decided to share with you my top 10 favorite Herbalife products… at the moment. At different times and stages in life I love different products. Originally, I wrote this as my top 5 and I just could NOT stop at 5. The wonderful thing about these products is that I’ve never used one that I didn’t like or thought, “Hmm, that didn’t work.” They all do exactly what they say they will do and I find myself falling in love with the products over and over again. But for right now, these are my favorites. Concerning statements and claims visit the disclaimers page.

10. Niteworks

This product is nothing short of GENIUS. It produces Nitric Oxide to support energy, vascular, and circulatory health. It is exclusively endorsed my Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Dr. Lou Ignarro and its ingredients make up a proprietary blend that includes L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Taurine, and Lemon Balm Extract (Leaf). You know all those pre-workout drinks all over the market? Well, those are all developed off the research that Dr. Ignarro discovered and was awarded a Nobel Prize for.  I take this before bed and it makes me feel great. I wake up so refreshed, plus it’s great for cardiovascular health.

9. LiftOff

Energy for days! I think one of the reasons I love this product so much is because it was the first product I used from Herbalife that I noticed a massive difference. I was an unhealthy college student and it was finals week. A week before I can remember sitting in class being so exhausted that I would sit there and force my eyes open and my vision would start to darken anyway. I had to continuously scribble on my note page to keep from falling asleep. I was downing 2-4 energy drinks per day and hated the shakey hands and crash afterwards. Then Luka gave me LiftOff. Holy and moly. I was suddenly so awake with laser focus and no shakey side effects. Now, I have it when I’m going on little sleep, traveling, need an extra boost, or just want to have a delicious drink instead of soda. Its effervescent goodness is magical.

8. Prolong

This is a new favorite even though it’s been around for a while. It is part of the 24 Line for athletes. It has revolutionized the way I feel when I workout. This is a product that is like liquid carbs and protein. It’s consistency is more like water than a shake so it’s light in the stomach while you’re active. It is designed to give endurance athletes more calories to sustain them in a long, physically demanding workout. I discovered my love for it when I went to workout and didn’t have time to enough before the workout to give me energy for the workout so I just put Prolong in my water. BaBAM! I didn’t feel tired or worn out at all! Normally, half way through my workout and I’m starting the affirmations and “Come on! You can do this!” and when I added Prolong I was flying! Now I never do a workout without it.

7. Hydrate

Maybe it’s just because it is summer right now and hot and humid here, but this is also a newer favorite. You know when you get so hot and the days are hot and you just feel.. yuck? Kind of groggy, sweaty, sticky, kind of miserable? Well this is the best for that! It has helped me manage the heat and stay hydrated better than anything else. It’s got electrolytes and everything you need for you body to stay hydrated and happy. It just makes me feel good. I love using it after a workout. It’s hot and humid here and when I workout in the heat I really sweat. This refreshes me, helps replenish the fluids lost, and makes me feel like a new woman!

6. Garden 7

This is a long time favorite. It is a phytonutrient supplement from fruits, vegetables, and other sources. It is full of powerful antioxidants. Taken daily, Garden 7 delivers 7+ phytonutrients. This was another product that I felt an instant result from it with the first experience. It’s great that when you live a healthy lifestyle you can really be attuned to the changes in your body. The best part? The way my skin reacted to this. My skin is a tricky thing and it absolutely loved this product. It absolutely glows! I also love to take it when I have a meal that doesn’t have any veggies in it.

5. Herbalifeline

In my opinion, this is one of Herbalife’s greatest products of all time. This is the best omega 3, fish oil supplement on the market. Not only is it a high quality omega 3, but it also includes selenium, an essential nutrient that benefits many, many parts of our bodies including the heart, joints, eyes, and immune and reproductive systems. It’s common knowledge we all need to take omega 3 and this one is the best. I see and feel a noticeable difference when I take this. It’s another one that makes my skin glow.

4. Multivitamin

The multivitamin is an under-the-radar product. It’s so fundamental that its immense relevance is almost overlooked. Years ago the World Health Organization declared that vitamin supplements were needed to supplement our foods today due to the decline of nutrients in our foods. This is essentially what a multivitamin does. It helps make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals we need, but aren’t getting enough of from our food. Again, Herbalife’s are just incredible. This simple vitamin is for me an essential part of my routine. I can really notice a difference in how I look and feel when I don’t take it consistently. One of the best parts of Herbalife’s products is that they are all balanced to work in harmony with each other. If you were to buy all these things separately from some supplement supplier you likely would not be benefiting nearly as much because most other brands and products do not work well together. Or you need to precisely measure out each ingredient depending on your weight and nutrient needs. Herbalife does all that for me and the effects are fantastic.

3. Herbal Aloe Concentrate

Aloe has become quite big on the market. Whenever I go to the grocery store I see aloe drinks everywhere. Most of them don’t hold a candle to this one. Aloe contains something called aloin which can be somewhat toxic for people to consume. Most aloe drinks do not remove this compound because the process is lengthy and expensive, but guess what? Herbalife does! Our Aloe is not just straight aloe, it’s a blend that soothes the stomach and supports nutrient absorption and intestinal health. When I first started Herbalife this was one of the products that made a massive impact on my wellness and skin.

2. Herbal Tea Concentrate

Allow me to tell you a story: Luka and I were saving for our travels to America. Things were tight. Our budget was really tight. Every little penny counted. One morning I go to make my herbal tea. I add a little water, turn off the faucet, add my tea, go back to the faucet, and turn it on. Except that we had a faulty faucet so the water blasted out into the cup and splashed the majority of my tea out of the cup. I cried. Now, partially because these were just trying times and I was emotional, but also that’s how much I love this product! It is that special to me. I don’t care if the rest of my meals are beans, I want this every day when I wake up. It jump-starts thermogenic (metabolic) activity, provides antioxidant support, it’s instant and low-calorie. When I have to get up and I am still groggy and sleepy and can barely open my eyes I NEED this tea. Two sips in and I feel like a new person. I have energy, I’m alert, I’m vibrant, I feel ready for my day.

1. Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake

Here it is! My number ONE favorite product!!! It may seem like the least exciting, but this is where it all starts. This is what makes us so special. This is what makes up Herbalife. This is the #1 shake in the world! It is a completely different from all other “protein shakes” because it is a Meal Replacement Shake. Not many other shakes can say that. It can legally be called that because it is a complete and balanced meal, which means it has all the components that make it a healthy, balanced meal. This is the most important product when it comes to achieving your weight loss or weight management or wellness goals. This was THE product that made the biggest difference in my life. I lost more than 15 pounds and have kept it off ever since. This shake is what I have for breakfast every single day. I can’t even imagine having something else for breakfast. I have it for my post-workout shake and I have terrific recovery. My whole family has this shake every day and they all have had results from it. Luka’s entire family has this shake every day and they have results from it. You don’t have to eat this shake for the rest of your life to manage your weight. However, I love it so much and the results I have from it are so consistently good, I don’t ever think of substituting it because it’s the easiest, quickest, best solution for me.


Honorable Mentions or other products I just don’t want to live without:


Active Fiber

Herbalife24 Restore

Protein Drink Mix

Protein Bars



To try any of our products visit my GoHerbalife page. Product availability varies depending on country.