Pumpkin Protein Latte

Since I am thousands of miles from any coffee shop that would make me any sort of pumpkin latte, I decided to try my hand at making my own. I bought a little 3lb pumpkin and got a few good dishes out of it. That little pumpkin went a long way! It was so easy to make and turned out to be a delicious treat. I think it was actually better than pumpkin lattes you buy in a shop because I used real pumpkin (not a syrup) and I used protein powder to make it a nutritious drink.

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Herbalife Vanilla Protein Drink Mix

2 Shots Decaf Espresso

Ice (optional)

Water or milk


First brew your coffee or espresso. If you want a cold drink then this needs to cool before you use it. I used decaf, but you can use whatever you like. I first cut my pumpkin into 3/4 in (2cm) slices and baked them at 350° farenheit (180° celsius) for 20 minutes until soft. Once the pumpkin had cooled add about 1 cup of pumpkin to the blender along with the cooled espresso. Then add 3 scoops of the Vanilla Protein Drink Mix. Splash a little water (or soy/almond/rice/regular milk) on top and then add a cup of ice. Blend that thoroughly. You can also make it hot if you like, just be careful of the pressure in the blender. And that’s it! Creamy, coffeey, packed with nutrients, and totally hit the spot.