Quinoa Bowl

I have a method to making easy and yummy meals: carb base, protein, and something for flavor. I will make a large batch of brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, or something like that and then refrigerate it and use it throughout the week. It makes your meals SO much faster than making everything from scratch.

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Chicken Breast

Black Beans



Greek Yogurt (optional)


Mix all ingredients together and enjoy! It’s that simple. If you like sour cream, replace it with a spoon of greek yogurt. It tastes great! I used canned black beans, but you can also make your own from dried beans and then add them to your other meals throughout the week. You can also use this recipe for leftovers. Add some leftover veggies or use your leftover meat to keep that food from going to waste. Salsa is a great for adding flavor because it’s not fatty like other dressings. For a vegetarian dish leave out the meat and for a vegan dish leave out meat and greek yogurt.