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When You Lose Your Child

Lessons In Parenthood: Week 7 This may seem like a dark topic for my normally positivity-centered writing. There’s a good reason behind it. Saturday, February 18th, would have been the 16th birthday of my little sister. Amelia (Amy Lou) passed away in 2003 and that became a piece of my life that will forever shape […]

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What Kids Say

Olivia is now the age that she is saying the most hilarious things. Good and bad. Some include, “Holy cwap!” “What the devil?” “Mami! Come here NOW!” “You did a great job, Mami.” It’s hard to keep a straight face when these words come out so passionately of a 2-year-old’s mouth. Sometimes I laugh hard […]

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Date Night

Tonight Luka and I went out for a date. It was a last-minute opportunity that we took advantage of. We almost said, “Nah, we’ll stay home and get something done.” then it was, “Wait, are we crazy? Of course we’re going out!” When you’re parents you need to seize every opportunity to spend a little […]

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