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Step Away From The Diet And Into A New You

In my work I have encountered more people who need to eat more calories to lose weight. I see this so often that I decided to share it and hopefully someone reading this will be able to use it. There’s nothing I hate more than diets. I’m not into diets, I’m into lifestyle changes. People […]

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4 Things I Would Have Done Differently During Pregnancy

All in all, I had a great pregnancy with no regrets. I was healthy and fit and had an all natural birth with no interventions. For me, that was great. That was what I had wanted. However, looking back there are┬ásome things I learned that I will apply to my next pregnancy. 1. Be More […]

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5 Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle

My philosophy on healthy living lies somewhere between crunchy mama and convenience, on-the-go mama. This is my own personal philosophy. The kind of life I want to live is the kind where I don’t have┬áto be a slave to my lifestyle. I don’t want to constantly be in the kitchen preparing, cooking, and cleaning from […]

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I Let My Baby Eat Dirt

This past week was magical. Olivia and I spent several days working in the garden with my sister-in-law, Katja*, at her house. We planted lots of veggies and then built an herb spiral. It was a lot of work. Enjoyable work. The whole time Olivia and Katja’s son, Nejc**, played out in the garden too. […]

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