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5 Ways To Create Physical And Fun Activities For Kids

Physical activity is so important for kids, and everyone really. Today more than ever before in history we are living a sedentary lifestyle. Kids are in school, at desks, in cars, playing games on phones, and so on. Regular physical activity can help kids not only build healthy bones and muscles, but it also helps to reduce anxiety […]

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What Kids Say

Olivia is now the age that she is saying the most hilarious things. Good and bad. Some include, “Holy cwap!” “What the devil?” “Mami! Come here NOW!” “You did a great job, Mami.” It’s hard to keep a straight face when these words come out so passionately of a 2-year-old’s mouth. Sometimes I laugh hard […]

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3 Travel Tips For Staying Fit

Luka and I are on the road a lot, traveling through California and Europe. Now, add a toddler to all that. It takes A LOT of energy to deal with all that. A lot of energy also goes into eating, believe it or not. Deciding what to eat, knowing when to eat, making sure the little one […]

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