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Guilty Pregnancy Parenting

Lessons in Parenthood: Week 10 Most of the time, my focus in these weekly blogs is centered on something that my child did that gave me cause for thought or change. I take some time for reflection on what happened during the week that I should write about. This week I figured I would write more […]

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My Second Pregnancy

I have a friend with two children, a daughter and a son. When I visited her after her son was born I asked her, “How were the two pregnancies? Was it very different?” and she replied, “They were exactly the same. Exactly!” Since the inception of this blog I’ve talked to A LOT of women before, during, […]

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Entering The Third Trimester

Today marks the 27th week of my pregnancy. For all of you who have no idea what weeks mean, that’s almost 7 months. Pregnancy is broken up into 3 trimesters of 3 months each. This is now the final trimester and the last 3ish months of pregnancy. It’s gone by super fast so far. Probably […]

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Simple Things To Help You Get Pregnant

It’s surprisingly not that easy for every woman to conceive. I always had in mind that if you sneeze in an untimely manner you could get pregnant. Probably because my mother and grandmother both had seven children. However, for most women it doesn’t happen right away. In fact, it is possible it doesn’t happen on […]

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Pregnancy Complications

This is something I only shared with a few people while it was happening. Even then, I realized I had shared it with too many people. Unwanted comments were mindlessly given making the emotional trauma even worse. It was scary, devastating and for over a month I was doing my best to go on about […]

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Why Not Be Beautiful

Beauty is so a hot topic in our world. It gives meaning to some, while strips others of theirs. It’s loaded with controversy and opinions. One thing we seem to agree on is that we should all feel beautiful. What does that mean? It changes for each individual I suppose. Today, while sitting in a […]

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Foreign Fears

When Luka and I were engaged and people began to find out that I was moving to Slovenia, I got many reactions. The most common was, “I could never do that! You’re crazy/brave/have guts to leave your friends and family and go to a foreign country. At the time I really didn’t feel like that […]

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5 Things You Should Say To Every Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a delicate time in every woman’s life… yeah right, just kidding. Pregnancy is anything, but delicate. It’s hard, it’s not easy, most of the time it’s not fun either. There is wonder and beauty to it, but not every woman feels that way about it. Very few women feel like radiant, sexy beings, […]

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What Natural Labor & Birth Feels Like

If you’re anything like me, you want to know everything about birth as soon as you get pregnant (maybe even before). Before you have actually given birth it’s quite impossible to know what labor will feel like from beginning to end. As a first-time mom this could be the number one thing that you think […]

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Pre-Pregnancy, Prenatal, and Postpartum on Herbalife: What I Ate

BABY TALK! I get a lot of emails and messages from women asking me about how and what I ate throughout my pregnancy. This is an in-depth reveal of my nutrition consumption before, during, and after pregnancy. *DISCLAIMER* I am sharing what worked for me and what I decided to do for myself. Always consult […]

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