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My Level 10

On June 6th I took rather unflattering, exposed photos of myself and posted them to Facebook and declared that in 90 day I will reach my Level 10, or I will be in the best shape of my life. Not just postpartum shape, but shape period. Better than before I was pregnant and I was […]

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Birth and Postpartum: What They Don’t Tell You

This blog post goes hand in hand with my other one about Pregnancy. As a first time mom, there was a lot that I didn’t know about that happened to me. I like to be prepared so I will share my personal experiences with you and hopefully help you to know what’s up. Also, I […]

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Pregnancy: What They Don’t Tell You

Here it is; all my uncovered information. At first I thought this would be too much information to share with the public, but then I thought, I will be helping some woman who is a first time mom and doesn’t know any of this stuff. Seriously! There is so much about pregnancy and birth that no […]

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4 Things I Would Have Done Differently During Pregnancy

All in all, I had a great pregnancy with no regrets. I was healthy and fit and had an all natural birth with no interventions. For me, that was great. That was what I had wanted. However, looking back there are some things I learned that I will apply to my next pregnancy. 1. Be More […]

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