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Suffering From Jet Lag

Jet lag is a strange thing. Even when you travel regularly it can be hard to predict just exactly how it will affect you. It seems to be different every time. Sometimes it’s not that bad at all and other times it’s as if you’re sick. Last night, I was supposed to finish a post and […]

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Preparing For Takeoff

Yesterday I didn’t write a post. I had planned to, but I had also planned that it would be the last thing I would do that day, if I did it at all. If it was too late after all the preparations were finished I would go to bed and not kill myself. The thing […]

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From Now ‘Til Christmas

I’ve decided to start writing a daily post from now until Christmas. Why? The short version is that I want to push my creativity. Forcing myself to write more is one way (and right now seems to be the least complicated way) to do it. Another reason is that I have so many learning moments every […]

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6 Rules For Traveling Parents: Mom Edition

In the past month Luka and I have been traveling a lot. It seems that every time we go somewhere I refine my traveling skills, usually through trial and error, sweat and tears. It has yet to be easy to travel internationally with a toddler. Hopefully one day it will be a breeze, but until […]

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The Netherlands, Part II

This is the sequel to my first post on our trip to the Netherlands. First on the list of places we went is the zoo! Actually, we went to the city, Best and to their zoo. We went to the Best Zoo. In hindsight, it was nearly the best zoo ever. It had all the […]

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The Netherlands, Part I

Last week we went on a trip to the Netherlands. It was my first time there! Luka does quite a bit of traveling now for his business and sometimes Olivia and I have the opportunity to join him. He goes and does his work things and Olivia and I play around the cities. It’s so much […]

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3 Travel Tips For Staying Fit

Luka and I are on the road a lot, traveling through California and Europe. Now, add a toddler to all that. It takes A LOT of energy to deal with all that. A lot of energy also goes into eating, believe it or not. Deciding what to eat, knowing when to eat, making sure the little one […]

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